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Quotes Don't know which Dr. Karawi you saw? He and his staff are some of the nicest & most honest people I have had the pleasure of dealing with. I left another dental practice in the area because of what you have described. I recently broke a tooth and had a crown placed. My insurance left me a little short & they worked with me to pay for it rather just to pull it like I wanted. My insurance investigated the other practice and naturally keep an eye on where I go now and they have had no problems. I always refer everyone I know to them. Quotes
R, Scottsdale Arizona
Honest dentist! 9/13/2011

Quotes Dr. Karawi is the best dentist I have ever been to in my life. He and his staff are dedicated to giving their patients the best service possible. I have been going to Dr. Karawi for several years and he has been nothing but Professional, polite and friendly. From cleanings to filling cavities, I have never had a bit a pain. Good Job Dr. Karawi! I recommend you constantly. You are the BEST! P.S. - Do you have a home in the Cayman Islands? lol. DjL Quotes
D. L. Mesa, Arizona
Best Dentist! 9/3/2011

Quotes I have extreme dentist phobias and Dr. Karawi and his amazing staff always help me understand each procedure and take the time to help me through. They even call the next day to see how I am doing and really go the extra mile! I have seen how they take amazing care of all of their patients. They are angels!! Quotes
Trish, Scottsdale, AZ
Angels, 8/1/2011

Quotes Dr. Karawi is one of the best around, and I'd be happy for the rest of my life if I get to keep him as my dentist. I've had him as my dentist for over 3 years now. The location is convenient, parking is ample, staff members (Erica and Iman) are wonderful, and their follow-up over the phone is always useful. All the chairs face floor-to-ceiling glass walls with a view of greenery and Indian School, which means you're not stuck in a windowless room with unflattering fluorescent lighting. Even the background music is kinda nice. Quotes
Mikey T, Phoenix, Arizona
Family Dentist, 7/28/2011

Quotes He truly cares about his patients and their personal lives. He's a good talker, easy to listen to, and takes his patients' dental care seriously. I wouldn't trade him for the world, and because of him and his encouragement, I've now taken my oral health seriously again. As far as his actual work is concerned, he's very considerate, explains everything thoroughly, and allots enough time for me to ask questions and feel comfortable throughout the whole process. He's one of a kind, and it's really rare to run into someone like Dr. Mo who takes his profession seriously but still manages to make his patients feel like family. All of my other friends whom I've referred to him have said the same things. Quotes
Mikey Tannery, Phoenix Arizona
Family Dentist! 7/28/2011

Quotes Was i ever lucky to pick dr. karawi from a random list of doctors near my home from my insurance website. ever since i was a kid, i barely remember seeing my dentist. his hygienist came in, cleaned my teeth, then the dentist came in with his long nose hairs and big belly and bald head and stinky breath and started shoving sharp metal objects into my teeth. then he left, saying only "hmmph". he had a beach house in the cayman islands. dr karawi is exactly opposite of that (don't know if he has a house in the caymans though). what really, really, really surprised me was the karawi cleaned my teeth....the Dentist! he does that for all his patients. i asked him why, and he just said he likes to get to know his patients. how novel! Quotes
Travis B. Scottsdale Arizona
Lucky Pick! 6/25/2011

Quotes he is extremely friendly and likeable but always professional. he will joke and talk to you about your vacations, plans for the weekend, etc, but then always keeps it serious when discussing your dental care. i sincerely appreciate his services and friendliness. we liked him so much, even invited him to our house warming party! so for excellent dental care and outgoing service, Dr. Karawi is your man. p.s. he's not bald, doesn't have long nose hairs or a big belly, and his breath doesn't stink. Quotes
Travis B. Scottsdale Arizona
Lucky Pick! 6/25/2011

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  • "Wow! Dr Karawi and his office staff are just wonderful! They all go out of their way to "know" you as a patient, and as a person. Nobody really likes going to the dentist, bu..."
    Lauri C.
  • " The photo is from about 5 years ago before he expanded his office. As of May, 2015 he's been there for 12 years and has never needed to advertise (and hasn't done so). Dr...."
    Bill K.
  • "Dr. Karawi sets the tone for his staff by his example of kindness and compassion. He's a very good dentist and is a wonderful example of empathy. Our family has been seeing hi..."
    Bill K.